Friday, February 25, 2011

What Warms Your Soul?

Hi! Glad you could visit today!

My friend, Lana (, led me to a very neat blog entry here and a terrific, inspirational video as found on

What warms your soul? from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

I wanted to pass along those bits of inspiration to you. Check out each of the blogs, and leave some kind comments for each of the authors - it's always nice to know when the blogosphere likes what you've shared. Then, list everything you can think of that warms your soul. Share them with the world on your blog, Facebook page, wherever, and pass the love and warmth this brings to others, encouraging them to do the same – pass it forward. God certainly knows that with the bombardment of the news of the world, we could all use a moment or two of wonderful reverie and gratitude! Let others know how special you are and what's important to you! It can be truly wonderful for you and it may lift up and inspire someone else!

My list:
My twin granddaughters’ wonderful, deep belly laughs, their hands on my face when they want my undivided attention, and their amazingly insightful thoughts on the world around them; my husband’s hand on mine in the car while we’re driving somewhere; my eldest daughter’s terrific belly laugh (maybe that’s where the twins get theirs?) and her commitment to friends and family; my grandson’s smile, his dinosaur roar that comes from the bottom of his toes, and his sweet face, hands and feet when he sleeps; my youngest daughter’s laugh, sense of humor and dedication to her children; my son-in-law’s laugh (seeing a picture here?) and his gentle spirit; my future son-in-law’s remarkable talents as a handyman, and his love for my daughter and her children; my sweet Chloe dog, who is with me wherever I am in the house and knows when I need her nuzzle the most; my cats’ warmth as they snuggle in the crook of my knees on the couch; a beautiful blue, sunny sky and the snow on just one side of the trees out my door to the woods; the wonderful feeling when someone thanks me when I least expect it; making art with my stamping; the roof over my head, particularly when the curtains are drawn and it’s our own little world together, my hubby and me; listening to my husband play his drums (he’s really good!); little children running, playing and laughing, and particularly when they are so excited to tell you about their day; the undeniable knowledge and feel of the Presence of God wherever I am; soft jazz; a beautifully sung song; gardening and watching beautiful, flavorful things grow; memories of my mom’s beautiful white hair blowing in the breeze on a gorgeous, sunny day; sinking into a really warm, comfy bed when I’m too tired to keep my eyes open; camping on a foggy summer morning; reading blogs that inspire with words and art because you know they hold a small vision of the heart of the author/artist; a quiet moment alone with God in my church sanctuary; Psalm 121.

These are just some of my heartwarmers – how about you?

Have a blessed day!


  1. ahhhh... wonderful bunch of "heartwarming" goodness. Thank you so much for sharing with me. So nice to read so many positive things.. (esp.. after just watching the news). Great to end my night with some pleasent thoughts. Glad you enjoyed the video as much as I did.

  2. Great video. There are so many things that warm my heart, children, grandchildren,nature,art, music, church. And so many ways to serve