Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beanie Gift Card Holders

Hi, all!

Hey, thanks so much for stopping in today!

Did you see the awesome beanie gift card tutorial on SCS this week?  I had seen samples of this project some time ago, and thought they would be great for a church craft show that my friend, Lana (, and I would be doing.  Here are some of the beanies we made....

I used several different designer papers from my Christmas stash, including Tinkering Ink's McTavish (great plaid!), Cosmos Cricket's Something Blue, and Stampin' Up! cardstock.  The design ideas on these are endless.  The one third down on the left even has some 60-year-old lace from my MIL's stash from when she was first married!  Some have "topknots" for design and some are just a "skullcap"-type design.  We made several school logo beanies, using Lana's custom SU stamp and a paw print stamp (thanks, bud!) for our awesome Grizzly teams!

Thanks for visiting today!  It's apparently the last warm day of our Indian Summer here in NE Ohio, so hubby and I are going out on our motorcycle for the last time before he puts the bike (very sadly) away for winter.  Our bike isn't big, but it's absolutely wonderful to be able to ride with him and see the beautiful country and small towns around us, and to experience God's absolute majesty.  We are truly blessed!

I hope you have a blessed weekend!  See you soon!

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  1. Kris these are so darn cute !!!! I especially love the plaid one.