Sunday, October 3, 2010

You Are Worth the Time

Hi, all!  Happy Sunday!

I just came across this beautiful video that I wanted to share with all of you.

You know, whatever creative endeavor you choose to enjoy, it is YOUR art, the gift of song and expression that God placed in your heart before you were born. Whether it be writing, poetry, music in all its forms, painting, rubber stamping, baking, camera or film work - all is an expression of the gifts God so graciously provided. To deny them because "it's not good enough (for whom?)" or "no one will buy what I make" or others have derided your efforts, is to say that you're not worth it. What sour thinking that is, and it's definitely not what God planned for you.

Reading the headlines today I realized how fearful this world can be if we allow it to enter deeply into our mind and soul. It is so difficult to fathom the evil, pain, and hurt that pervades the news, TV, web, and discussions. Our art takes us on a journey away from all of that, if even for a short time, into a world of vision, creativity, imagination, peace and prayer. Art can be serious, but often it is cathartic, calming, playful and joyful - and God wants us to enjoy the gifts He's given us. In so doing, we become better in ourselves, better for others, better in our outreach, better for Him, and better for the world.

To all of you who express your art, God bless you! I salute and honor you and give you this beautiful video to enjoy. Have a wonderful, blessed week!

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